Don't send your child to just any school. Give them the ASASA Academy advantage. From the moment your little one skips into half or full day kindergarten to their promotion out of elementary school, you want passionate, well-trained teachers to immerse your child in challenging academics, energizing athletics and effective exercises in personal development. Our academy now ranks as one of the most prestigious Calgary private schools because we offer all of that and so much more to each of your students.


Junior Kindergarten
(Half Day)

A half day is always a productive day at our Calgary private school. We get your child excited about learning.

Junior Kindergarten
(Full Day)

From ABCs and 123s to budding self-confidence, a full day of private learning is just what your little genius needs.

(Full Day)

Your child will start stacking the building blocks of an exceptional education at our full-day private kindergarten.

Elementary Education
(Grades 1 - 6)

Our academy is the private elementary school Calgary parents praise. Your exceptional child will flourish with our passionate guidance.

A Well Rounded Education For A Successful Future



Academically Driven

We plant the seeds of excellence that will help your child thrive in elementary school, high school, and eventually, at the university level.



Ethics & Leadership Training

From making great decisions to commanding respect, our teachers are focused on training children to confidently do what is right.



Our Acclaimed Martial Arts Program

Your child can learn self-defence while mastering physical control of his or her body. Safety is always first.



An Inclusive & Friendly Atmosphere

We're one of the leading Calgary private schools because we welcome everyone with great respect. We will thrive together.


Northmount Campus

599 Northmount Dr NW Calgary AB T2K 3J6
T (403) 285 5677 F (403) 457 5289

Pinetown Campus

119 Pinetown Place NE Calgary AB T1Y 5J1
T (403) 285 9277 F (403) 457 5289

Benefits Of ASASA Private School Education

Smaller Class Sizes

We keep our class size around 15 students so students can receive more one-to-one time with our teachers. 

University Oriented Education

Our Calgary private school is focused on maximizing student success in university and beyond.



We encourage and support diversity, different world cultures, and support learning in all areas of our students' lives. 

Public Speaking & Confidence

Our Calgary private school focuses on building each student's confidence when speaking.

Increased Teacher Care 

& Attention

Our teachers devote their time and attention to ensuring all students have their questions answered. 

Positive & Nurturing Atmosphere

We provide an atmosphere of learning and growth to ensure our students achieve their maximum academic potential.


Dedicated ECS program in Calgary


Of our students excel and go on to science and math related courses and education.


Of our students received above average marks in Government testing in 2016.

The ASASA Private School Difference

Do you want your child to leave elementary school with a passion for life? What about a positive attitude toward learning, great excitement for athleticism and competency in both of Canada's leading languages? The Asasa Academy has established a reputation as one of the most effective Calgary private schools because of our well-rounded curriculum and remarkably high standards. Our goal is to help each child learn about themselves, about this country we all love and about the world. When you go the Asasa way, you embrace one of the private schools Calgary parents cherish.


My son loves Ms. Sooch! If my child is happy I'm happy. He went to this school when it was new. Everyone was sweet and thoughtful. I remember one day he puked and they changed him and called my husband. Next day someone from staff called to ask how he was doing. I was content sending my child there. Good year for a good price.
Sumbal Masood
My baby daughter goes to Asasa school. She learned how to count and learned letters in few months. She is very excited every morning to go to school she loves wearing her uniform. She loves her teachers. Small class size excellent school and very professional staff.
Debbie Rayos
I have two children that attend Asasa School in the JK and K program for the 2012/2013 school year, and am very pleased with the teachers, administration staff, before and after school care providers, and the students that attend the school. The school atmosphere is very positive and everyone is treated with care and respect, and because of the small size there is a high level of parent/ teacher interaction. I look forward to continuing my children's education at this school.
Krissy Allard
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If your child is ready for a Calgary private school education, send us a message or give us a call today. The ASASA family is always a warm, friendly place for smiling children ready to excel in life. We look forward to welcoming your family into the Asasa community.

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