About ASASA Academy

ASASA Academy is a not for profit organization that was started in 2009. We provide Calgarians with a private school education for junior kindergarten, kindergarten, and elementary students. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors and the principle is the educational leader of the school.

We have two campuses in Calgary and we offer a variety of programs at our campuses. Established in 2009, our Pinetown campus offers a half day junior kindergarten program accredited by Alberta Education. In 2011, we opened our Northmount campus. At Northmount, we offer full-day programs for junior kindergarten through to Grade 6. We serve students from a diverse background with a special emphasis on Language Arts, Math, and Technology.

At ASASA Academy we strive to foster well-rounded students. In addition to teaching the Alberta curriculum at an accelerated pace, we promote student leadership, character development, technology skills, fine art skills, and physical well-being.

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We foster an environment that promotes student leadership and the success of our students is at the centre of everything we do. We inspire a passion education and a lifetime of learning. Our students are excited to share their experience at ASASA.


To create a community of inspired learners, motivated teachers and satisfied parents by putting the success of each student at the centre of everything we do.


To develop academic, moral and life skills in students by enabling teachers to apply an individualized teaching strategy and involving parents in each stage of the learning journey.

Core Values




Our Teaching Philosophy

In today's world, only the most well-rounded student achieves success in University and beyond. What does that mean? A student who is disciplined, has an outgoing personality, is aware of international customs and cultures is most successful in academic and work life. We do not simply provide education that is above and beyond other learning systems, we develop outstanding personalities. We exist to shape a student who is the benchmark in our society. We want parents to know that we are not providing education for today, but inspiring a passion for learning in our students for their entire lifetime.

Our students love to learn. They enjoy solving problems. Their outlook towards education is that of excitement and adventure. They do not fear homework, always have academic support and take comfort in an atmosphere of respect and nurture.

Why should a parent pick ASASA Academy for their child?

Academy Uniform

Our Academy prides itself in providing equal access to students.

Small Class Size

It is a fact that students who receive more time from a teacher in class perform better.

French Instruction

Students from Kindergarten and above will receive education in French language .

Physical Development

All students are eligible to participate in martial arts by a certified instructor.

Personal Development

A student who has a well-balanced personality is more likely to succeed in life.

University Oriented Programming

We believe parents must have choice when deciding which school their child should attend.

A Well Rounded Education For A Successful Future



Academically Driven

We plant the seeds of excellence that will help your child thrive in elementary school, high school, and eventually, at the university level.



Ethics & Leadership

From making great decisions to commanding respect, our teachers are focused on training children to confidently do what is right.



Our Acclaimed
Martial Arts Program

Your child can learn self-defence while mastering physical control of his or her body. Safety is always first.



An Inclusive &
Friendly Atmosphere

We're one of the leading Calgary private schools because we welcome everyone with great respect. We will thrive together.


My son loves Ms. Sooch! If my child is happy I'm happy. He went to this school when it was new. Everyone was sweet and thoughtful. I remember one day he puked and they changed him and called my husband. Next day someone from staff called to ask how he was doing. I was content sending my child there. Good year for a good price.
Sumbal Masood
My baby daughter goes to Asasa school. She learned how to count and learned letters in few months. She is very excited every morning to go to school she loves wearing her uniform. She loves her teachers. Small class size excellent school and very professional staff.
Debbie Rayos
I have two children that attend Asasa School in the JK and K program for the 2012/2013 school year, and am very pleased with the teachers, administration staff, before and after school care providers, and the students that attend the school. The school atmosphere is very positive and everyone is treated with care and respect, and because of the small size there is a high level of parent/ teacher interaction. I look forward to continuing my children's education at this school.
Krissy Allard