What is a typical student at Asasa like?

Our student is fully involved in the world in many possible ways. He has a strong sense of discipline to ensure his maximum academic potential is reached. We provide the atmosphere of learning and growth. The student is ahead of his or her peers in other schools in core subject areas such as Mathematics and English.

The biggest asset of our student is his personality. He is confident when speaking, respects opinions of others, develops ability to synthesize information and welcomes learning. He is well versed in world cultures, celebrates diversity, retains his unique identity and is eager to contribute to society.

Our student looks forward to each and every day at Academy. He is physically fit, mentally sharp, emotionally stable and studies in an atmosphere free of bullying.

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Northmount Campus

599 Northmount Dr NW Calgary AB T2K 3J6
T (403) 285 5677 F (403) 457 5289

Pinetown Campus

119 Pinetown Place NE Calgary AB T1Y 5J1
T (403) 285 9277 F (403) 457 5289