Kindergarten (Full Day)

Nurture A Passion For Learning With Our Full Day Kindergarten Program

At our full day kindergarten,  learning areas focus on the early learnings in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, health and life skills, and the fine arts. These courses provide a transition to the subject area expectations of elementary schooling. We include early learning in information and communication technology for all of our instructional activities.

Our Full Day Kindergarten Focuses On Student Success

Early Literacy

Language is the basis of all communication. Language learning is an active process that begins at birth and continues throughout life. Children learn language as they use it to communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences; establish relationships with family members and friends; and strive to make sense and order of their world.


Early literacy at our Calgary private kindergarten focuses on children being actively engaged in acquiring language and constructing their own understandings of how oral and written language works. They experiment with these understandings, testing them in verbal interactions with their peers, parents and other adults.

Early Numeracy

Young children are naturally curious and develop a variety of mathematical ideas before they enter ECS. Children make sense of their environment through observations and interactions at home, in day cares, in preschools and in their community. Mathematics learning is embedded in everyday activities, such as playing, reading, beading, baking, storytelling and helping around the home.


Number sense is the most important foundation of numeracy. A true sense of number goes well beyond rote counting and develops when children connect numbers to their own real-life experiences. Learning to work with patterns helps children develop mathematical reasoning. Spatial sense is developed through a variety of experiences and interactions within the environment.


At our Calgary private kindergarten, children explore number, patterns, and shape and space by working with appropriate materials, tools and contexts. They count numbers up to 10 and show a given number, using pictures or objects. They recognize and make patterns, and compare objects on length, weight or volume. Children sort objects by shape, colour or size and build and describe real-world objects.

Citizenship and Identity

Children bring their own perspectives, cultures and experiences to our Calgary full day kindergarten classroom. Citizenship and identity focuses on the development of a strong sense of identity, self-esteem and belonging by ECS children. These provide the foundations for children to become active and responsible citizens.

Environment and Community Awareness

Children use their five senses to explore, investigate and describe their environment and community at our Calgary full day kindergarten. They recognize similarities and differences in living things, objects and materials. They become aware of the relationship between cause and effect and generate ideas to make personal sense of the environment. Children explore the design, function and properties of a variety of natural and manufactured materials. Using simple tools in a safe and appropriate manner, they select and work with a variety of materials to build structures. At Asasa Academy, children explore scientific and aesthetic concepts, using sand, water, blocks, clay and other materials, and begin to use some technology appropriately.

Personal and Social Responsibility

This learning area focuses on the personal and social skills that are necessary for effective learning across all subject areas. It takes time to develop personal and social skills. This development occurs at different rates as a result of each child’s experiences. In our Calgary private school ECS program, children begin to develop and practise skills that they will continue to enhance throughout their lives.


By participating actively in learning tasks, trying new things and taking risks, children begin to see themselves as capable of learning. Children of this age are curious and are learning to adapt to new situations. They begin to accept rules and deal with routines in a school environment. They become more independent and learn to take some responsibility for selecting and completing learning activities.

Physical Skills and Well-being

Physical activity is vital to all aspects of normal growth and development and our Calgary private school incorporates physical activity into our ECS programs. Early childhood is the time to begin the development of active, healthy lifestyles. Children need assistance to develop the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to continual involvement in physical activity. Health and life skills involve learning about the habits, behaviours, interactions and decisions related to healthy daily living and well-being. In ECS, children begin to develop personal responsibility for health and learn about personal safety and ways to prevent and reduce risk.

By participating in physical activities, by becoming aware of healthy food choices and by learning to observe safety rules, children develop attitudes and practise behaviours that promote wellness and an active, healthy lifestyle.

Creative Expression

Children explore and express their thoughts and feelings through visual arts, music, drama and movement. They become aware of their own imagination and creativity and that of others as they interact with a variety of materials and respond to various forms of expression. They begin to develop an appreciation of the fine arts, as they become aware of why and how ideas and feelings are communicated in many ways.

The Asasa Private Kindergarten Difference

We help your children leave kindergarten with a passion for learning and exploring. Our teachers help your child build a positive attitude toward learning, excitement for physical activity, and competency in both of Canada's leading languages. At Asasa Academy, we've built our reputation on our well-rounded curriculum and remarkably high standards. Our goal is to help each child learn about themselves and discover their passion for learning.  

A Well Rounded Education For A Successful Future



Academically Driven

We plant the seeds of excellence that will help your child thrive in elementary school, high school, and eventually, at the university level.



Ethics & Leadership

From making great decisions to commanding respect, our teachers are focused on training children to confidently do what is right.



Our Acclaimed
Martial Arts Program

Your child can learn self-defence while mastering physical control of his or her body. Safety is always first.



An Inclusive &
Friendly Atmosphere

We're one of the leading Calgary private schools because we welcome everyone with great respect. We will thrive together.


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My son loves Ms. Sooch! If my child is happy I'm happy. He went to this school when it was new. Everyone was sweet and thoughtful. I remember one day he puked and they changed him and called my husband. Next day someone from staff called to ask how he was doing. I was content sending my child there. Good year for a good price.
Sumbal Masood
My baby daughter goes to Asasa school. She learned how to count and learned letters in few months. She is very excited every morning to go to school she loves wearing her uniform. She loves her teachers. Small class size excellent school and very professional staff.
Debbie Rayos
I have two children that attend Asasa School in the JK and K program for the 2012/2013 school year, and am very pleased with the teachers, administration staff, before and after school care providers, and the students that attend the school. The school atmosphere is very positive and everyone is treated with care and respect, and because of the small size there is a high level of parent/ teacher interaction. I look forward to continuing my children's education at this school.
Krissy Allard
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