Asasa Academy is the leading Calgary private school for children from Junior Kindergarten up to Grade 6. We apply the Alberta curriculum in class but the overall educational standard at Asasa is much higher. We focus on the achievement of each student, so they can Start Out Ahead in their educational life, which translates to greater success throughout their life.

This most important period in a child’s development is actually an opportunity for the children to grow at their own pace. Asasa offers tailor made programs which engage your child on their level, and encourages them to build an educational foundation from which they can attain their peak results in all their future endeavours. Junior kindergarten, kindergarten and elementary school are not just about learning the three R’s; they are about setting your child on the course for a dynamic lifetime of excited learning and habitual achievement.

Our highly-qualified teachers are passionate in their chosen direction of childhood education and work tirelessly to maximize the academic, social and physical development of our students. The dedication of our staff displays itself in the results of many of our children being a year or more advanced beyond their same-age peers in public schools. Teachers matter, and Asasa Academy is proud to say we hire only the best, most capable instructors for your children.

Come visit Asasa Academy to discover a school which places the achievement of your child at the forefront of our efforts; where your child can discover their passion and pursue it to their fullest capability; where your child comes home excited to tell you about what they learned that day and wakes up the next morning excited to go back to school. Welcome to the school where your child excels!

ASASA Airdrie Campus

ECS, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs now available!
Located at: 400 Main St N #105 Airdrie, AB T4B 2N1


Our School Authority believes in transparent governance and standardized policies. We seek to ensure parents and guardians of the standards we hold ourselves to, and what is expected of other stakeholders.


Junior Kindergarten
(Half Day)

A half day never means half as productive at Asasa. We cultivate a desire to learn within your child.

Junior Kindergarten
(Full Day)

From ABCs and 123s to budding self-confidence, a full day of private learning is what your budding genius needs to bloom.

(Full Day)

Your child will start stacking the building blocks of an exceptional education at our full-day private kindergarten.

Elementary Education
(Grades 1 - 6)

Asasa Academy is the Calgary private elementary school worthy of parents’ praise. Your child will flourish with our passionate guidance.

A Well-Rounded Education



Academic Achievement

We plant the seeds of excellence that will help your child thrive in all levels of school and into adulthood.



Growing Responsible Citizens

From making sound decisions to earning respect, we are focused on teaching children values and proper judgement.



Nurturing Healthy Children

From participation in activities such as sports and martial arts, we teach children to respect healthy physical development



An Inclusive Atmosphere

As a leading Calgary private school, we welcome everyone and celebrate the diversity which helps us all thrive.


Northmount Campus

599 Northmount Dr NW Calgary AB T2K 3J6
T (403) 285 5677 F (403) 457 5289

Pinetown Campus

119 Pinetown Place NE Calgary AB T1Y 5J1
T (403) 285 9277 F (403) 457 5289

Open House Dates:

20 Jan, 2024 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

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How Asasa Academy Excels

Smaller Class Sizes

We strive to limit class size to enable more personalized instruction

Colour Outside the Lines

Our programs allow students to express their boundless curiosity for the world they are just beginning to encounter.

Passionate Teachers

Our instructors believe that making a better world starts with the exceptional education of children.

Student Confidence

We consider children unafraid to express themselves and ask questions to be a virtue.

Principal's Message 

Welcome to ASASA Academy, I am honoured to serve as the principal at ASASA and provide a safe, caring, and welcoming environment to our students, staff members and community. 
ASASA Academy’s vision and mission is lifelong learning, a different education system, and teaming up with its stakeholders. Similarly, we strive to prepare our students to be responsible global citizens. Therefore, all our efforts focus on achieving these objectives.  Thus, our educators facilitate them to learn to live together, learn from real life, and learn for life.  
Addressing our Motto, "Learn today, Lead tomorrow," we incorporate experiential learning in our daily teaching.  
Furthermore, we consider parents as our partners in gaining students' social, emotional, and academic goals. ASASA Academy values and appreciates the unstinted support extended by the parents since the start of school. We always found them backing us at difficult times, especially during the pandemic; their cooperation went above and beyond. This positive connection with parents and students gives us the freedom to prepare our learners as future leaders.  
Developing global competencies is a requirement of 21- century learners. Therefore, we cater to this need of our students too. We instill global citizenship among them by sensitizing and engaging them with world issues such as conserving the environment, communicating and collaborating with people having diverse perspective. 
As a principal, I look forward to working with all of you to achieve our goals as a great school community.  

Shakeela Akhtar

"Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere."

- Chinese Proverb


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If you are interested in a private education for your children aged 3-11, send us a message or give us a call today. We look forward to welcoming your family into the Asasa community.

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