5 Essential Life Skills that Private School Teaches Children

A high-quality education will prepare your child for success throughout their educational careers, giving them the confidence to navigate life’s many varying scenarios. One of the core principles to our Calgary private school’s well-rounded education is character development. It is proven that embedding essential life skills within an educational model is “associated with better academic outcomes and better prospects in the workplace”

Character building is a lifelong process. When started at a young age, children get an early lead on building their toolbox of skills that make them patient listeners, optimistic friends, confident leaders and curious learners. Good character education “can provide ground rules for life for adults and young people, and it stresses the importance of helping children learn and practice behaviors that reflect universal ethical values”. To strengthen the character development of our Calgary private school students, our passionate teachers focus on developing these five essential life skills:  

1. Independence

Children’s worlds when growing up are small. As we age, we will often find ourselves branching out and leaving our circles to fulfill new jobs, travel or explore new possibilities. Cultivating the life skill of independence starts first with creating an environment where students feel comfortable and supported to try new things. Because we want the best for our children, parents can subtly interfere with cultivating this skill at home because we want to help. 

At Asasa Academy, our smaller classroom sizes ensure students achieve independence by providing rich learning spaces for children to play, learn, socialize and have a place they can call their own. This life skill is essential because it fosters a student’s sense of self-achievement, self-awareness and sensitivity towards others, patience, self-trust and self-help.

2. Problem-Solving 

Problem-solving exists in both macro and micro social, emotional, academic and worldly interactions. It is having the ability to solve interpersonal conflict, be able to innovate within school projects and manage one’s interests and hardships. The ability to problem solve “is one of the most important skills children can develop because it prepares them to face increasingly complex academic and interpersonal issues as they mature.”

At Asasa Academy, our teachers work tirelessly to maximize the social and academic potential of each student. This means our students are exposed to a variety of challenging topics. Our teachers guide them to consider the dimensions of the problem, work through the available means they have to solve it, and create an action plan. The key to developing the essential life skill of problem solving is to have an adaptable outlook on the way problems can be approached.  

According to a finalist for the Varkey Global Teacher Prize, “one of the best ways to help students problem-solve is to ensure the curriculum is linked to real-world situations.”  Asasa Academy’s advantageous curriculum goes above and beyond to provide students with quality learning experiences that are hands-on. 

This year, teachers on our campus personalized science, math, arts and crafts, reading  activities and field trips to fit exciting new themes and milestones per month. This cornerstone of enrichment enhances the depth and variety of problem solving skills that children learn through doing, seeing, listening and creating. 

3. Perspective-Taking 

Perspective-taking is an essential life skill because “children need perspective taking skills to relate to others, to make others feel comfortable around us, and to know how to influence others in a positive way.” As important as it is for children to learn independence early on, it is equally essential that they are able to understand the worldviews of those around them. Together, children have a deeper knowledge base of their atmosphere when they problem solve. 

To be able to see different perspectives, respect them and be open minded is essential for children to find harmony amongst their peers. Perspective-taking needs to be encouraged by promoting cognitive flexibility, reflection and listening to others describe their feelings and passions. Asasa Academy is committed to sharing the cultures of each classmate and growing student’s empathic abilities into strong perspective-taking skills. 

4. Making Connections 

We make connections every second of the day – through bonds with friends to understanding the moral story of a poem to reading the nutrition information of a box of cereal. According to childcare research, “the life skill of making connections is central to learning. The ability to make connections underlies the ability to see that symbols – such as numbers, letters and words – stand for real objects (symbolic representation).” Students make connections from past experiences, learned knowledge, their understanding of the world and through the values of their school. 

The teachers at our Calgary private school provide opportunities for students to share their experiences, notice patterns of learning and understand the context of social phenomena. Our classroom environment engages in group, one-to-one and individual modes of expression to prioritize the connections students make within different forms of communication. 

5. Spatial Awareness 

With the rise of STEM jobs needed now and in the future, Asasa Academy’s private Calgary elementary school is focused on growing foundational attitudes and skills needed for the industry. Our STEM-focused school embeds the essential skill of spatial awareness. 

According to Vanderbilt University psychology professor David Luninski, “spatial awareness is second only to basic math as the building block for STEM learning because it teaches kids how to manipulate shapes in their head.” Whether it be the building blocks of math class, our annual science fair or activities that have students crafting their own instruments, our hands-on approach develops a student’s spatial awareness. 

The Importance of Teaching Life Skills in Private School

Students spend a significant time of their youth in school. During this time, it is important that they are in a learning environment that prioritizes life skills. Asasa Academy places the achievement of your child at the forefront of our principles. Here, students will develop the essential life skills that are key to fulfilling a balanced, healthy life.