6 Tips for Your Child’s Online Learning Success

Although online school has become the temporary norm to keep our students and communities safe, that does not mean your child’s distance education lacks quality interaction, learning and resources. The big secret to your child’s online learning success starts with using these tips to achieve balance at home and differentiate between school, fun, family and rest. 

Reduce Distractions and Make a Space

One of learning’s greatest enemies has always been distractions. At home, a student’s distractions are amplified by the pull of electronics and furry friends. Create a quiet space in your house to prioritize learning. Remove clutter and encourage your child to leave their phones and tablets outside while they work. To maximize learning potential, learning rooms should be open, comfortable, bright and excite students with pictures that generate interest to focus.

Nurture Your Child’s Focus with Brain Breaks 

Reducing distraction by creating  a space for online learning is effective only with proper breaks. Include these recesses between your child’s classes for them to get up and move around. Check in frequently near the start of the semester to see when your child starts zoning out. The Brain Balance Achievement Centers’ research lists young children’s attention spans as 12-18 minutes for 4-6 year olds, 16-24 minutes for 8-10 year olds, 20-36 minutes for 10-12 year olds and 28-48 minutes for 14-16 year olds. The duration of these attention spans indicates when students require a moment to re-energize their minds.

Create a Daily Plan  

Maintain the organized structure of a classroom with a daily plan of your child’s lessons, breaks and meal times. Much like walking into a classroom, your child will become accustomed to preparing themselves for the day ahead. Post your daily plan where it can easily be seen. This way, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your child how they feel about their lessons, if they need help and their overall motivation.

Be Flexible 

There will be moments when life takes over that cause a pause in your child’s online school day. While the support of parents to guide learning is crucial for online success, understand that distractions pop up in the classroom as well. Some days, flexibility is required to readjust our learning plans to support students’ emotional well-being and the complexity of our current environment.

Do Not Aim to Teach, Aspire to Assist Your Child’s Understanding

You do not need to fill the shoes of a teacher for your child’s online learning to replicate an in-person classroom. Teachers are here to help; Asasa Academy’s private Calgary online learning program, Asasa Achievement, aims for parents to be highly engaged partners with their child. When parents aim to teach, they focus on the outcome of their child’s education. Rearrange your frame of mind to help form strong understandings. When you do this, you prioritize the learning processes the program aims to provide.

Productive Struggle is Expected 

When your child struggles with a difficult question or assignment, it is important to acknowledge that this is a key part of their learning process. Research done by the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education found that students deepen their learning when confronted with objectives that initially seem challenging. Assist your child’s independent education by consolidating learning resources and communicating with the teacher. Your child will feel a greater sense of accomplishment without relying on you to solve their problems.

Academic excellence can take place anywhere with the right mindset and support system to use technology and nurture the pursuit of excellence. With Asasa Achievement’s 2021-2022 Calgary semester open for registration for ages K- Grade 9, investing in a private online experience gives you peace of mind knowing you have small classroom sizes, private teacher sessions and an enhanced curriculum for enriched learning, even from home. 


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