A Typical School Day At Our Private Kindergarten In Calgary

Learning, development, and fun can go together, especially for young children who are naturally curious and love to explore. A private kindergarten allows your child the opportunity to explore and discover the world around them in a safe and supportive environment. Here’s a brief look at a typical day at a private kindergarten Calgary.

Learning at a Private Kindergarten Calgary

A private kindergarten Calgary gives your child a strong learning environment every day. A focus on early literacy and numeracy help children build a solid foundation for learning throughout life. Children are guided to develop an understanding of language and test their understanding by verbally interacting with others, including peers, parents, and other adults. They explore patterns, numbers, and space with age-appropriate materials and instruction. Children begin to connect numbers with real-life experiences for true learning instead of rote memorization.

Development at Private Schools Calgary

In addition to a variety of learning opportunities, a typical day at private schools Calgary also offers your child the opportunity to develop in many other ways. Social and personal responsibility, community awareness, identity and citizenship, physical skills, environmental awareness, creative expression, and well-being are some of the areas in which young children can experiment and develop during a day at kindergarten. This helps children grow as individuals and become more well-rounded.

Continued Growth with a Private Elementary School

Once your child completes kindergarten, it’s natural for them to continue their education at a private elementary school. The environment at a private elementary school provides a place for children to thrive as they explore the core curriculum subjects and develop other skills, like information technology, French, drama, art, and music.

Every day is an opportunity for exploration, learning, and fun at private schools Calgary. Help your child develop a strong foundation for life-long learning by enrolling them in a private kindergarten.

Your child deserves special attention especially when it comes to their growth. Asasa Academy is focused on developing real skills from experience instead of memorization.

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