About ASASA Academy

Asasa Academy is a not-for-profit Calgary private school that was founded in 2009. We specialize in exceptional education for junior kindergarten, kindergarten, and elementary students. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors and the principle is the educational leader of the school.

We have two campuses in Calgary and offer a variety of programs at each. Our first location was in Pinetown, where we offer a half day junior kindergarten and kindergarten program accredited by Alberta Education. In 2011, we opened our Northmount campus where we offer full-day programs for junior kindergarten through to Grade 6.

At Asasa, we seek to provide children with an educational foundation which gets them excited about learning, with a special emphasis on language arts, math and technology. In addition to teaching the Alberta curriculum at an accelerated pace, we promote student leadership, character development, technological skills, fine arts appreciation and physical well-being.

Our Students Love Asasa

We encourage an environment that promotes student leadership, with the success of our students at the centre of everything we do. We inspire a passion for education and a lifetime of learning.


To create a community of inspired learners, where passionate teachers instill in each student the desire to both strive for achievement and become well-rounded individuals.


To develop academic, social and practical life skills in students by focusing on an individualized teaching strategy and involving parents in each stage of the learning journey.

Core Values




Our Teaching Philosophy

We begin with a focus on education that is above and beyond other contemporary learning programs, and from there we seek to develop outstanding people. Our goal is to mold the future leaders of society; parents will come to know that we are not providing education for today, but inspiring a passion for learning in their children which will last a lifetime.

Why Choose ASASA Academy?

Small Class Size

Students who receive more one-on-one time with a teacher perform better.

French Instruction

Students in kindergarten and above will participate in French lessons.

Physical Development

The development of a healthy body is paramount to the healthy lifestyle of children

Personal Development

Instilling balanced habits and behaviours in childhood, makes one more likely to succeed as an adult

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" -Ben Franklin