Asasa – 5 Tips for Back to School

With another school year already underway, it is important to set your child up for success the best you can. These tips can help them stay motivated and excited to complete another year at Asasa Academy, where we focus on providing children with an educational foundation through programs that encourage them to find their passion.

Set and Maintain a Stable Routine

Time and time again, studies have found that setting and maintaining routines is incredibly beneficial for children. These daily routines become especially pertinent throughout the school year, as children are tasked with maintaining their own routines of getting ready for school and completing schoolwork.

Maintaining a routine with your child helps them anticipate the day ahead and prepare for it accordingly. This in turn can help reduce anxietyprovide a sense of stability, and encourage children to take responsibility as they begin to feel ownership of their day-to-day life.

Ask your child to help prepare their routine, and even have conversations about where aspects of it will take place. For example, where will they be completing their homework? Is this area the best choice to stay productive?

Set Expectations Around Academics

As previously mentioned, it is important for children to know what to expect. At Asasa Academy, we have high expectations for the academic and behavioural development of our students because we feel they can reach them with proper encouragement and guidance.

Setting expectations around study habits can help children take responsibility for their academic achievements, and not doing so can lead them to play a guessing game rather than spending their energy more productively. This is why parents should have clear conversations with children about what these expectations are as it offers an opportunity to discuss what meeting them looks like.

Encourage Independence

Children are learning to one day exert their independence and embark on their own way. Encouraging children to exercise their independence has been proven to promote self-esteem, develop self-awareness, and give them a sense of belonging. Children who can exert some control over their environment feel a stronger sense of ownership.

Our students are encouraged to be independent and take initiative as they assume responsibility for their studies and personal behaviour, as well as learn group responsibilities as they progress into higher grades.

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” – Denis Waitley, motivational speaker.

Limit Screen Time

We live in a digital age, and while children need to be well-versed in the world of technology – we even focus on information technology for elementary students – it remains crucial to set boundaries and limits on screen time. Doing so has been shown to promote sleep quality and improve academic performance, as children have more time to play outdoors, focus on academics, and interact with friends and family.

A maximum of two hours a day of recreational screen time is recommended for children by the Canadian Paediatric Society.

Be a Source of Encouragement!

Help your child get excited about tackling another school year! Like all of us, children are not immune to their own set of fears and worries, especially when approaching new situations. For all of the conversations around goals and expectations, it is equally important to talk about why they should be excited to start working towards them.

A child who is excited about school is a child who is ready and willing to learn and make friends, and children who feel that school is a source of positivity are more likely to stay engaged and ask questions. At Asasa Academy, we work to help your child discover their passion so that they can come home excited to share what they’ve learned each day.

We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of future leaders to find their own passion, and are so excited to embark on another year of learning with our students! Here’s to an encouraging, productive, and exciting return to school.