Back to School: Preparing for Grade One

Just like that, it’s time to start another school year! As we say farewell to the summer of 2023, we’re gearing up to welcome our students back for another season of fun and learning at Asasa Academy

For our younger students, a big transition is about to take place – from early childhood education to primary academics – from kindergarten to grade one! Our seasoned educators are adept at guiding children through this important rite of passage. Over the years, we’ve honed strategies to ensure our little learners are well-prepared for this transformative time.

Routine, Routine, Routine

We can’t emphasize the value of a structured routine enough. It provides children with a sense of security and allows them to mentally and physically prepare for the demands of a full school day. As we prepare for back-to-school, start adjusting bedtime and wake-up schedules to align more closely with school times. Additional routines surrounding homework, screen time, and self-care can help children navigate this early balance of recreation and education. Even routines as simple as reading nightly before bedtime can help set the stage for the day ahead and support a bedtime wind down.

In fact, routines are regularly cited as incredibly beneficial to children’s development. One study from the National Library of Medicine noted that: “a bedtime routine is associated with increased family functioning and improved sleep habits,” and that “family routines have been linked to the development of social skills and academic success.”


Consistent check-ins are crucial during transitions. In the weeks leading up to the school year, have regular conversations with your child about their feelings and expectations. Start with a broader check-in about two weeks before school and then one more focused a week before classes begin. Use this time to address any concerns, discuss exciting aspects of moving to a new grade, and generally ensure your child feels heard and supported.

To build excitement and alleviate any nerves, consider creating a “Back-to-School” countdown!

Celebrate Growth

Upon the start of the school year, replace your back-to-school countdown with a growth chart that celebrates their successes! Activities like these not only help to promote confidence but also provide children with a visualization of their accomplishments and progress in the school year. Each milestone, be it mastering a challenging math problem, reading a longer book, or even personal achievements like making a new friend or participating in a school event, can be added to this chart.

Parents and guardians can periodically review the chart with their children, reminiscing over past achievements and setting new goals for the future. Kindergarten provides children with some of their first tastes of long-term goal setting, and charts like these can provide a means to introduce this skill. 

Involve Little Ones in Prep

Starting a new school year is exciting, and one of the best parts is picking out new school supplies. Involve your child in the process of picking out a new backpack, water bottle and other supplies, allowing them to choose colours and patterns that get them excited to use them. This process also allows them to consider what they’ll be doing during the day-to-day of school and pick out items that will allow them to complete their schoolwork and get through the day comfortably. Plus, it’s a fun way to bond and discuss their expectations and hopes for the upcoming year.

The new school year starts soon and we can’t wait to see everyone back in class! Book a tour of our private Calgary elementary school to learn more about Asasa Academy if you are looking to register for future school years. We would love to meet you!