Junior Kindergarten

Nurture Lifelong Learning 

Early learning experiences are crucial to the future well-being of children, and establish the foundation for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will pay dividends throughout their lives. It is our distinction to contribute to the nurturing of the future leaders of society through our dynamic learning programs.

Our Junior Kindergarten program comprises of education in early literacy, early numeracy, weather, time, learning through play and other structured modules, and is for students who will be 3 years and 8 months as of September 1st or before September 1st.

Benefits Of The Asasa Junior Kindergarten Program

Creative Expression

Our program encourages children to explore and express their thoughts and feelings through visual arts, music, drama and movement.

Social Responsibility

We build foundations for children upon which they can make individual decisions as a responsible member of society.

Physical Well-Being

To ensure the proper physical growth and health, we strive to include abundant physical activity in our program.

Early Literacy

We establish the building blocks for young children to become voracious readers, as a means to passionate learning.

Early Numeracy

At Asasa Academy, children explore numbers, patterns, shape and space by working with appropriate materials and tools.

The Difference Our Program Makes

Our goal is to craft a love of learning within your child from the first day of school. Our Junior Kindergarten program introduces students to classroom learning as the first stage of academic development. 

Reading and math form the core of the curriculum; we use a phonics-based approach to reading instruction, which builds long term success in reading development. Equal emphasis is given to mathematics, with students learning addition and subtraction, shapes, time, temperature, and other basic mathematical skills.  Additional studies in science, history, geography, music, art, and physical education are included in the program.

Students are also introduced to high quality children's literature in our Junior Kindergarten program. Teachers read to the students, fostering a love for literature and development of listening and reading comprehension skills.  Students narrate, or orally summarize, the stories that they have heard, helping to develop both their listening comprehension and oral language skills. Our students often progress much faster than their peers and enter grade school with the basics understood, ready to be built upon.

Junior Kindergarten students will attend five days per week on a full-time basis, Monday through Friday for ten months from September to June.

"The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one" -Malcolm Forbes


Northmount Campus

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