How Going to a Calgary Private School Helps Children Later in Life

Why do private schools seem to have a reputation for bringing up successful students who live fun and amazing lives after graduation? A fair amount of evidence exists to show how the children who were educated within a Calgary private school will perform better academically. In many cases, they perform dramatically better on international tests.

Better Than Public Schools?

Pierre Brochu, the assessment coordinator for the Council of Ministers of Education Canada, said that when you look at student achievement, you can see how most private schools perform better than the public schools. Brochu cites a study that evaluated 70 countries and their educational system. They tested 15-year-old teenagers on mathematics, reading and science. Researchers soon discovered how private schools scored 45 points higher on their reading test.

Not All Private Schools Were Created Equal

When looking for Calgary private elementary schools, understand how each Calgary private school will have a different approach to education and learning. Paul Cappon, the president of the Canadian Council of Learning, has said that what separates one Calgary private kindergarten from the next is the effectiveness of its mission. Never choose a private school only because of its good reputation or exclusive vibe.

Being Clear on What You Want

You should choose a Calgary private kindergarten based on what you want to achieve. Never let the glossy brochure suck you in. Good Calgary private schools will clearly state their mission and clarify their strengths and goals right from the start. You have to look at the true cost of a private school. For example, what’s it worth to you to have your children inspired by a lifelong love of learning because of more talented teachers who present the material well?

Calgary private elementary schools tend to hand your child the best chance of succeeding in life. Many have commented on how the best Calgary private school settings usually mean a smaller class size and a more personalized approach to teaching children.

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