How Junior Kindergarten Helps Children Adjust to Kindergarten

How Junior Kindergarten Helps Children Adjust to Kindergarten

When your child enters kindergarten, they will be going to a new school, spending the day with new peers, and learning new skills for the day. There can be a lot of ‘newness’ both for you and your child. All of this change does not have to seem so sudden if children are first enrolled in a junior kindergarten program. Not only will they start developing primary school friendships, but they will also feel more confident. 

What is Junior Kindergarten?

At Asasa Academy’s Calgary private school, our junior kindergarten program focuses on enriching a child’s early learning experiences to boost their success in kindergarten. Our curriculum is designed towards empowering future leaders by implementing a high-quality, play-based learning environment. Children gain enhanced cognitive and fine motor skills through constant exploration and hands-on learning experiences. As well, our teachers focus on developing early relationships amongst peers that plays a part in lessening social anxiety when starting kindergarten. 

Junior kindergarten is also known as pre-k. It is different from preschool in that activities are focused on strengthening confidence in kindergarten skills such as early literacy, early numeracy, social responsibility, physical well-being and creative expression. This is due to the age difference between the two programs; children entering junior kindergarten are almost four years of age and may have already attended preschool. Preschool is for children from ages two to four, and builds on abstract concepts of learning. These start to be funneled in a more structural approach within a pre-k environment. 

Why is Junior Kindergarten Important?

Think about education as if a child is working on building a house to live in for the rest of their life, essentially building up to their passions and eventually their career. Each house starts with materials and then lays a foundation. Junior Kindergarten provides these materials for the foundation of education, also known as kindergarten. The first few years of education are the most crucial for children to establish a solid foundation of skills that will help them succeed in building their ‘house.’ 

Junior kindergarten is ”part of a systemic education overhaul… recognizing that research and early successes are proving that JK is a strong component in a child’s early development and growth.”  

When children enter kindergarten, they do not begin to build educational skills. There is a belief that children meet a certain standard for numerical and literacy capacities that will continue to be built. Gaining these early skills in junior kindergarten will have a significant impact on a child’s confidence and passion to pursue learning. 

Children will feel more comfortable learning alongside their peers, expressing themselves in a classroom and asking their teacher for clarification. Many children get nervous when they enter kindergarten because they lack experience interacting with others outside of their family circle or pre-school environment for extended periods of time. Junior kindergarten helps introduce them to other children while teachers facilitate interactions that help them understand how to communicate with different personalities. 

At Asasa Academy, our Calgary private junior kindergarten provides enriched one-on-one time with teachers as children gain the confidence to begin working independently. Prioritizing an engaging learning environment is essential as:

“everything they do takes on a richer quality because they are at the beginning stages of abstract thinking. Not only does a high quality pre-kindergarten program prepare children academically for later school success, but it offers opportunities to build social-emotional skills and self-esteem.” 

Benefits of a Junior Kindergarten Program

★ Gives your child more time to get used to a school setting.

★ Children gain confidence in their independence.

★ Eases the transition into kindergarten with advanced literacy and numeracy skills.

★ Children will make new friends before entering kindergarten, engaging in compromise, self-regulation, sharing and cooperation. 

★ Children gain a sense of belonging, self-awareness and self-esteem. 

When Should My Child Start Junior Kindergarten?

Asasa Academy is now accepting registration for our private Calgary junior kindergarten program! Students should be at least 3.8 years old for junior kindergarten in September (four years old by December prior to the new year). Contact us to book an appointment with our registar. 

Our Calgary Private Junior Kindergarten 

Junior kindergarten is a great opportunity for children to get used to being in a school environment, develop their social skills, and prepare for kindergarten. The right program can help your child adjust to school, build confidence and make new friends. 

Asasa Academy offers a half day junior kindergarten program and a full day junior kindergarten program. For working parents, our full day junior kindergarten program is an enriching form of child care that emphasizes physical, emotional, social and kindergarten development.