How Private School Impacts Learning Attitudes

Private school inherently puts added emphasis on quality education when compared to public schooling. With specialized classes and curriculums, private schools allow a special focus on educational excellence. Additionally, the buy-in process of sending your child to private school often leads to greater levels of enthusiasm from students and parents. Here are four features of a private-school education which inevitably lead to greater success, achievement and passion from students.

1. Smaller class sizes

Our class sizes at Asasa average 15-20 students, which is a notable difference from those in public schools, where some classes hold upwards of 30 students.This allows for greater one-on-one connections to be made between students and teachers. Teachers get to know their students comprehensively and can therefore offer personalized support. In turn, students feel more comfortable and understood and are more likely to stay engaged, ask questions and want to do well as they feel a greater sense of individualization.

Public schools in Calgary have been facing problems with overcrowded classrooms for years. By choosing to create smaller than recommended-by-guideline class sizes, we can ensure that your child is receiving the utmost attention and education.

2. Peers

Private school students are likely to be surrounded by peers who are also invested in their education. As parents try to instill educational values in their children by sending them to private schools, children echo these sentiments with their peers. Children benefit thoroughly from peer-to-peer support, where having a buddy who gets the environment you’re in and the goals you have is key.

Peet-to-peer support also aids children in the development of socializing, communication and problem-solving skills. As per the Private School Review, private schools encourage this by creating a community within themselves.  “The students also benefit from the community atmosphere of private schools. The very specific personalities of private schools often lead the students to have a strong sense of pride and loyalty to the school and its community.”

3. Ambition

We encourage students to pursue their dreams and passions so they feel they have the practical and social tools needed to pursue them. A study published by Statcan in 2015 found that: “on average, students who attended private high schools scored higher on academic tests at age 15, and achieved higher levels of educational attainment by age 23.” 

Asasa also works to instill positive core attitudes, including our core values of ambition, diligence, and knowledge. Incorporating these values into students’ academic experience leads them to make positive and meaningful connections between their studies and the world around them.

By instilling this ambition early, students get more excited about their education and where it might lead them. Additionally, it gives them more of a framework for how to navigate educational institutions and particular educational settings.

4. Ownership

In order for students to be successful in their education, they need to feel a sense of ownership towards their own scholastic outcomes. More importantly, they need to want to do well and feel excited about doing so. Promoting student ownership of learning is an incredibly important method utilized by our teachers. 

In a healthy classroom environment, students are able to feel a sense of belonging, ownership, and responsibility towards achieving that same educational excellence. Private schools exhibit this level of ownership, as students are more intuitively aware that an investment has been consciously made in their development. At Asasa, we encourage a passion for learning in our small classes, creating better connections between everyone and creating a better sense of belonging. We want our students to feel like they belong, and are an integral part of the Asasa community.

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