Martial Arts

The Benefits of Martial Arts

In addition to its obvious physical health benefits, martial arts engages discipline and respect within its students. In order to progress up the “belt” ladder, the student must be mindful of intricate technique and adherence to the instructor’s teachings.

Martial arts also helps young children with their physical self-confidence. They will know what doesn’t hurt them and can thus play without fear of injury or encountering a physical hurdle they cannot address.

Our Instructor 

George Kovacs was born in Budapest, Hungary and received his first black belt in 1968. He has progressed to holding an eighth degree black belt in Ping Kwon Do. He has won titles in Muay Thai Kickboxing, was a Junior Olympics boxing gold medalist and is a 15th level General in hand-to-hand combat fighting.

"Don't limit a child to your own learning for he was in another time."
-Rabindaranath Tagore