Policies and Procedures

School Authority Policies

Our School Authority believes in transparent governance and standardized policies. We seek to ensure parents and guardians of the standards we hold ourselves to, and what is expected of other stakeholders.

Fees Policy

Objective: This policy is designed to ensure the prevention of financial loss of the organization.

Policy: ASASA Learning school authority’s fees Policy is that any fees paid to ASASA school is
nonrefundable in any circumstances.


  • For families with more than one child, the siblings receive a discount on the school fees
    depending on the set fees amount each year.
  •  School Fees include tuition fees, the graduated use of school technology/laptops,
    physical education program other than Martial Arts and associated excursions, use of text
    books, and Graduation ceremonies.
  • Miscellaneous costs are not included in school fees and are unique to each family and
    scenario. They can include overnight school trips, Fun Lunch programs, personal school
    supplies, extra-curricular and athletic programs.
  • Once enrolled, if a student withdraws for any reason before starting the school year or
    during the school year, including dismissal by the school, no tuition or any kind of fees,
    paid or due, are refunded or waived. All tuition and fees are non-refundable and fully
    enforced. This protects ASASA school authority from financial loss.
  • If a student will not be returning for the next school year, the withdrawal deadline is
    January 31st of the current school year. Only written cancellations are accepted.
  • Fees are reviewed yearly and posted on the school website.
  • At the time of registration/enrolment the signing party agrees to school fees policy.
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