Should Students Wear Uniforms?

School Uniforms

When one thinks about private schools, they often associate the term with that of smaller class sizes or identical uniforms. Being a private elementary school in Calgary, Asasa Academy students wear a branded uniform cognizant of our institution’s strive for excellence. Should it be in preschool, kindergarten or elementary, Asasa Academy wishes to see your child prosper, an achievement made even more possible with our uniforms.

At school, uniforms create a culture among students, who no longer have to worry about “fitting in” the status quo, and are at less of a risk to feeling lonely. It is sad to say, but pop culture has been such an influence to children nowadays that body-shaming is evident in young children. In uniforms, kids can worry about just being kids. A report, titled “Children, Teens, Media and Body Image,” discovered that one half of girls and a third of boys ages six to eight feel their ideal body size should be thinner than their current one.

The way children act depends much on what they wear. Dressed in a uniform, children feel important and worthwhile. Required to dress up in a daily uniform, Asasa Academy students gain extra lessons in professionalism, adhering to guidelines and form relationships with other students on equal grounds.

With a uniform, students at Asasa Academy benefit in terms of both education and behavioural patterns, but also in terms of safety. While at private elementary, it is the staff’s priority to ensure that your child is in a safe environment free of threats. With kids all wearing the same outfit, it becomes easy to manage children on field trips and outings.

Martial Arts Uniforms

In addition to smaller class sizes, private schools are also known for their enriched curriculum. Our school uniform is not the only uniform your child will be wearing if attending either of our private schools in Calgary- but also the uniform displayed in martial arts.

Martial arts does not only provide your child with a new outlook on physical education, but in addition to this, teaches crucial morals. Children are born with an energy to learn by doing, the enjoyment of such is ruined when students are primarily made to learn by theory. When participating in martial arts, Asasa Academy students absorb knowledge and experience quickly and effectively.

As your child progresses up the ranks of the ‘belt-ladder’, their self-esteem grows with each new achievement. As said by E.E. Cummings, “once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

Uniforms are Advantageous

Whether it be a school uniform or that of a martial arts uniform, the benefits your child will experience from these opportunities while at Asasa Academy will have far-reaching effects in their older years. Uniforms are designed to tackle barriers to your child’s success, a feat that we at Asasa Academy believe has been achieved.

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