Student Life

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Cultivating Discipline and Respect Inside and Outside the Classroom

We develop discipline within our students as a teaching method which children can then apply to their studies. From our daily assemblies where the students stand in a coordinated manner, to daily homework, it is our belief that a disciplined student will achieve their greatest possible success.

Respect is a key principle of Asasa Academy; we strongly believe that a student who holds respect for themselves will also respect their teachers, parents, peers and people they encounter. Rude and inappropriate behaviour is not accepted at our school, and we act to make any such instances teaching moments for the children involved.

We take playtime seriously at Asasa, as the pivotal dimension to physical fitness for younger children. Time outside or in gym class teaches healthy interaction between the children while also gets them used to physical activity, which will build a foundation for healthy attitudes and bodies.

The Asasa Student

While Asasa Academy provides the ideal atmosphere for learning and growth, the Asasa student provides the natural curiosity to explore their surrounding world. As our typical student progresses through our programs, they are generally ahead of their public school peers in core subjects such as math and English.

One of the biggest assets developed by our typical student is their personality. Confidence when speaking, respectful of the opinions of others, a development of the ability to synthesize information and a zest for learning are characteristics that are all brought to the surface and exhibited throughout their Asasa experience.

Our typical student looks forward to every day at school, because the desire to learn and broaden their horizons towards their passions has been cultivated by the wonderful instructors guiding their path.

Personal and Social Leadership

Leadership begins at the personal level, and Asasa seeks to promote the initiative towards leadership within each student. Our students assume responsibility for their studies and personal behavior, as well as learning group responsibilities as they progress into higher grades.

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"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of education."
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.