What a Difference a Great Education Makes!

The Importance of Early Childhood Education 

A child’s brain is an absorbent sponge for the first five years of their life, soaking up the most learning up until the age of three. Everything that a child sees, hears, smells, touches, feels, and tastes is essential to create the connections that develop the way they think, feel, behave, and learn. Deciding whether you should or shouldn’t place your child in a Calgary junior kindergarten is a conflict for many parents. We need to weigh what our child will learn to how necessary it is for them to begin an early education. Prioritizing a child’s needs to let them be little and experience life as a kid does not mean that their days shouldn’t involve education. In fact the meaning of being a child is learning. Experts say that early education promotes a lifelong love of learning. Junior kindergarten provides a child with a brief introduction to what elementary school entails. Think about early education as a warmup. Children will not only be ready for elementary but excited for it. 

What Defines Early Childhood Education?

Calgary junior kindergarten programs have never been school as we remember it to be. There is not the stress of homework, tests, and quizzes to pile on top of keeping pace with a determined student average. These programs are centred around forming the basis of life long skills through socializing, experiencing, respecting, developing, exhibiting patience, and allowing children to be confident within their abilities. When we think about how we grow and evolve as individuals, it is through experiences that have made us resilient to allow us to learn. Early childhood education is an important part of a child’s life that grants them the ability to form these connections. It is not a scholarly, textbook education, but a milestone to be reached. Early childhood education focuses on social and emotional skills, communication, physical development, and cognitive growth. Through play-based learning, the energy of children and their rapidly advancing imagination is matched.

The Benefits of Early Childhood Education 

The more exposure a child has during the first five years of their life to role models and peers, the better. Every $1 spent on early childhood education pays back $6 later. Having your child attend a Calgary junior kindergarten gives them the advantage to naturally come out of their shell. By expanding relationships of trust to teachers and peers, children are placed in an environment to strengthen resolute confidence. Socializing with others, children receive exposure to diversity. Within early kindergarten programs, children are guided to appreciate and accept differences, becoming well-rounded contributors to society. While in a junior kindergarten program, children will gain empathy through perceiving differences and find their unique sense of self. At home, a child does not have the opportunity to work alongside others their age; within early childhood education programs, they learn the dynamics of working in a team. 

The Difference in a Private Education 

Calgary’s premier NE and NW private junior kindergarten, Asasa Academy molds early childhood education to the needs of each child. With smaller class sizes, the opportunity for personalized instruction allows our educators to create a class environment suitable for the growth of all students. One of the main concerns in sending a child to junior kindergarten is the worry of their child belonging. At such a young age, a child does not yet have a definition as to who they are and who they wish to be. Our private junior kindergarten program generates a strong community environment allowing your child to feel safe and at home. 

Asasa Academy is a leading Calgary private school inspired to continue to make a difference in the range of experiences your child can learn from. RSVP on our website for an upcoming open house or tour to see the difference a great education makes! 

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