What does a Well-Rounded Education Mean for Your Child?

Our Promise

As a Calgary private elementary school, Asasa Academy provides the standard Alberta curriculum when teaching, advancing our class-time to tailor to the individual needs and passions of your child. The teachers and staff at Asasa Academy find that the regular school day is an opportunity for your child not only to learn, but build constructive physical and social habits

Intellectual Development

Whether it be for Calgary preschool, kindergarten or elementary schooling, your child’s academic achievement is a priority at Asasa Academy. Through our small class sizes, Asasa is able to enrich your child in areas of technological skills and fine arts. The modern era seems to function almost entirely on technology; providing our students with increased technological opportunities will enable them to keep up to industry transformations of the near future, evolving with the times.

Social Development  

Asasa Academy is not focused just on an academic approach of learning; teaching your child important values is a foundation that will determine their educational success in the future. Teaching morals like empathy, honesty and perseverance is a civic duty that the staff of Asasa hold with high importance. For example, honesty is the backbone for all healthy relationships that your child will experience both now and in their future.

Physical Education

The physical activity recommendation of Canadian youth is one hour a day, unfortunately only one third of kids presently are meeting this requirement. What do sports teach us? They show children flexibility, and allow them to view obstacles as opportunities. Active children at young ages benefit not only in terms of health, but socially, amongst teammates. Sports are essential to many teens and adults to take a minute amongst their day and de-stress, having this kind of output becomes more difficult to teach as a child gets older.

Character Development

Starting in preschool, the foundations for the character of a child are laid based on the influences around them. A school thriving off of diversity, Asasa Academy inspires and motivates your child by strengthening their ethical and emotional development. Learning alongside people of different cultures allows one to view the world they live in through multiple  perspectives.

The Key to Success: Academic Versatility

In brief, there are many deciding factors for parents looking to sending their child to a Calgary private preschool/elementary school. Much look for the educational benefit with small class sizes, while others search for a school that values morality as importantly. However, a successful child is a well-rounded child, and Asasa Academy is the private school to deliver on all of these foundations.

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