Why a Private Education is Essential to Your Child’s Early Learning

An Enriching Learning Experience for Your Child’s Growing Brain 

A child’s developing brain is a wonder of the world. With their ability to absorb abundant information at an amazing pace, children deserve a private education with the capability to keep up with their burgeoning curiosity. The first, most critical period of a child’s brain development lasts from the ages of 2-7. During this time, the number of synapses, or connections, in a child’s brain is double that of an adult. This becomes a fertile time to foster discovery. Coupled with their short attention span, a diverse and continuously exciting educational experience is needed to introduce a child’s lifelong curiosity to the classroom. 

Personalized Programs to Engage Your Child on Their Level 

Our Calgary private preschools feature small classroom sizes. A higher standard of education is developed as teachers can spend quality time with each student to meet their learning goals and curate challenges that fuel their interests. Asasa Academy’s private junior kindergarten and kindergarten programs are independent curricula. Following the Alberta curriculum, Asasa Academy deepens learning experiences to infuse additional principles, technological readiness, subjects and values. Private curricula are tailored to your child’s needs. Our motivated educators use their experience to build upon each child’s capabilities, understanding that education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. 

Parent Involvement for Meaningful Interactions   

The small classrooms of Asasa’s private kindergarten programs help facilitate clear communication and better engagement between the teacher, parents and child. Fifty different studies on parental engagement conducted by educational researchers provide evidence that academic achievement is dependent on a strong connection of family involvement. Within the years of early learning, children are transitioning from full days spent at home to days spent in the classroom. It is imperative their school environment remains connected to home for a smooth, comfortable transition.

Quality In-Person, Online or Homeschooling

For the upcoming school year, Asasa will be offering in-person classes. Our online learning platform, taught by our teachers, will also be available to compliment the in-person programs. We want to provide our families with as much flexibility for the upcoming school year as possible. Registration is open for in-person classes as well as for Asasa Achievement’s private online and homeschooling classes. Parents can rest easy knowing they have access to whichever learning environment fits their needs. 

Asasa Academy’s Calgary private school creates a curriculum that highlights a diverse ecosystem of skills for children to be ready for the trends of tomorrow. As children become introduced to education, their curiosity must meet an equal match with a comprehensive and innovative curriculum focused on inclusivity and accessibility. September is almost here and registration is now open for fall classes. Book a private tour with us to view our facilities. 

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