Why ASASA is the Best New Airdrie Kindergarten

Opening a new Airdrie junior kindergarten, the end of August brings about the time of year where Asasa Academy begins enrollment. This may be the first school your child is going to, so it is important to make it count. Asasa Academy is opening in Airdrie to make our leading Calgary private school more accessible. We ensure that your child will start out ahead. 

Our junior kindergarten program is developed to ensure that your child’s needs are met without limitations. Using a phonics-based approach to your child’s reading instruction, the English language is broken down into smaller and simpler components. Children will eventually need to learn how to read and identify unfamiliar words by themselves, Asasa’s phonics-based instruction gives children this skill. Although the main focus of teachers at Asasa is directed towards the basic skills every child will need, the ways that lessons are taught have been constructed to ensure other life skills are also bridged. The report of the National Reading Panel specifies that teaching children phonics will assist them throughout their life in other ways. Phonics reading helps children learn how to spell words through recognizing sounds, growing a child’s reading fluency and increasing their reading comprehension. As our teachers read aloud to students, these skills are fostered.

“When adults read to children, discussing story content, asking open-ended questions about story events, explaining the meaning of words, and pointing out features of print, they promote increased language development, comprehension of story content, knowledge of story structure, and a better understanding of language – all of which lead to literacy success,” Berk, L.E. (Child Development, Pearson Education). With the new age of technology, iPhones, t.v. and electronic games will end up in your child’s hands sooner than what used to be the norm. It is important for Asasa Academy to introduce early literacy within our junior kindergarten in such a way that students will develop a love of reading that will last them a lifetime. Having a love to read is directly linked to having a love to learn. Children will move from learning to read, to reading to learn throughout their life. Whether or not they will be reading novels throughout their lives (which we hope they will), reading will find itself in highschool, university and every aspect of daily life. Students in our Airdrie junior kindergarten program will narrate the stories they have heard, building on public speaking skills. When children love to read books they are confident, an attribute that increases self-esteem crucial to building the resilience necessary to avoid peer pressure. 

As much a core value as reading in our Airdrie kindergarten, Asasa Academy builds on mathematics. In fact, Greg Duncan, a researcher at Northwestern University, states that the “mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement, it also predicts future reading achievement.” Working with appropriate materials and tools, students learn addition, subtraction, shapes, time, temperature and other basic mathematical skills. Having experienced at least high school math, many of us will say “I’m not good at math, I just don’t have a math mind.” Math is an important skill like reading, but its difficulties are vastly different. One thing that literacy and numeracy have in common is that they both must be taught to children at a young age for them to develop an appreciation for the subject rather than a loathing. Math is not about memorization, it exercises your brain to recognize patterns, problem solve and innovate. As Asasa Academy focuses on early numeracy, teachers also emphasize your child’s math mindset. Whether we know it or not, everyone is a mathematician, some may just not have the confidence

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